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Neuroplasticty can be seen in varius forms of every level of nervous system organization,
From the lowest levels of molecular activity t the hisghest level of brain-wide systems and behavior.
Sensory experience refines the mucroscopic structure of the visual cortex by driving maturation of the large basket cells, wich puts the brakets on plasticity by consolidating the emerging circuitry at a time when its representation of the world is most accurate.

Nerve cells are specialized to process information, and to communicate with one other using the language of electrochemistry. The produce electrical impulses that encode information and carry them along their slender fibers, relaying these signals to each other by means of chemical messengers.
Most neurons have multiple dendrites , or branches, and a single axon, The dentrites receive signals from other cells, and begin to process them locally, before passing them on the cell body.
Thus having specific clouds that perform distinct funcions that can be re-used by other clouds through the cloud relationships we assessed in the previous section can be increase profits.

3d printing
Structures are not things, sometimes they are microcosms connected to each other, looking for its way in life. As a philosopher said once : "they struggle with all the force of their lives for one thing only- to fulfil themselves according to their own laws" (Hermann Hesse), same point of view for this living-structures.
According to the photo we can see a new World. This yellow planet is surrounded by a big ocean (water with gelatine).It is the Hidden World. Maybe it is visible to us, but as human beings sometimes we don't see it. We are forgetting our connection with nature. Our urban-sphere connections should work as a yellow network, working together.
I added oatmeal from my breakfast. It likes too. We could share the food now. The result is that the yellow microosganism has created its own scenario. Scale is just a way of perception. It has real steep slopes and valleys just the small drops of water becomes its lakes.
A new world has been created. All organism in Earth (and maybe in another planets) just need the right energy and the right conditions for its survival. How many Universes we don't know yet? Countles
by Inés J Pedras, 2016-2017.

Bibliography : Neuroplasticity. Mohen Costandi. The MIT Press.
with the support of professor Andrew Adamatzky.

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