Alternative Abstract Bubbles

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The plural trajectories weave through the open levels and offer multiple  experiences of interconnected humanactivities, into the heart of the building.
The phenomenon of time entering into energy is just a metaphysical concept. It explains our slowness and our limitations. Temporality is time, and the relative asymmetries of oscillation are realizable only in time__ in the time required for pulsative frequency cycling. 
Have been calling abstraction is reality. When they are inadequate in their abstraction, then they are irrelevant to reality. The mathematicians feel that they can do anything they want with their abstraction because they don’t relate it to reality. And, of course, they can really do anything they want with their abstractions, it is irrelevant to the propagation of life. 
Liquid plasmic thermal vapor; 
 Time and space are simply functions of velocity. You can examine the time increment or the space increment separately, but they are never independent of one another.
  Space is the absence of events, metaphysically. Space is the absence of energy events, physically. The atmosphere's molecules over any place on Earth's surface are forever shifting position. The air over the Himalayas is enveloping California a week later. The stars now overhead are underfoottwelve hours later. The stars themselves are swiftly moving in respect to one another. Many of them have not been where you see them for millions of years; many burnt out long ago. The Sun's light takes eight minutes to reach us. We have relationships__but not space.
3d modelling definition 
Inés J Pedras_ feb 2019
3d printed prototype

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