Force-Adaptive Wire Cutting  Wire Cutting (SWC) is a novel digital fabrication technique that is performed by the coordinated movement of two six-axis robotic arms, which control the curvature of a hot-wire, adopting itself against the of the processed material. By escaping from the linearity of the cutting medium, this approach fosters a material-efficient and fast manufac-turing of double curved surface objects by single cutting procedures. As such, SWC significantly expands the grammar of possible hot-wire cutting geome-tries and ultimately brings forward a fully integrated design, simulation and fabrication approach
Universal Robots process:
detailed process:
Foam Towers exposition:
Force-Adaptive Wire Cutting  is a project of 
Institute of Technology in Architecture
Faculty of Architecture / ETH Zurich
Gramazio Kohler Research Group, lead by Romana Rust
Students: Josef Musil , Inés J. Pedras

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