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Grasshopper Meshes Scrips Definitions - imported to Revit
Flexible structures that could create interior shells
serie II
Basic Diagrama for the texture
When we speak of pattern integrities, we refer to generalized patterns of conceptuality gleaned sensorially from a plurality of special-case pattern experiences that have been proven experimentally to be existent always, without exception, in every special case within the required class of experiences.
special-case events may appear to be both continuous and "linear" __but only as locally and momentarily experienced. For all experimental observations of at first seemingly "continuous" and "straight-line" experiences (subjective) or of experimental experiences (objective), when projected or prolonged, are always discovered to have been short increments of larger multidirectionally peregrinating, curvilinear, wave actions of discontinuous events (stars) in Milky Way__like, stepping-stone, "linear" arrays.
  All experiences are omnidirectionally oriented. Omnidirectional experiences resolve themselves scientifically into discrete angle and frequency patterns. That is life! Relationships are local to pattern. Patterns are comprehensive to relationships.
Series  _ Digital Matter Studies_Ines J Pedras_ Jan 2019

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