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The approach of the project is to reproduce the movements of a bailarina in an estructural way. Buildings can appear to be twisted by design, where the twisting torsion is structural rather than merely an ornamental detail. as one that progressively rotates its floor levels or its glass facade as it gains height.
diagrams of torsion
Because tension is ever a spiraling arc, it must close back upon itself; it is, therefore, finite and cohesive. Universe is inherently finite and a comprehensive integrity. Compression systems tend, when compression-loaded, to yield to arcs of lesser radius and also, by precessional axial despiraling, tend to unravel and to separate into a plurality of subsystems. Tension systems tend, when axially loaded, to arcs of greater radius. Tension systems tend to greater cohesiveness of precessional inspiraling.
Ballet Bailarina sketches moving - Tower structures
Revit definition
The equilibriously regenerative octet truss is regenerated as fast and as extensively as man explores and experiences it. As I define Universe as the sum-total aggregate of men's experiences, then we may say that the octet truss-vector equilibrium is universally extensive. Universally extensive is a term quite other than to infinity, a term the semantic integrity of synergetic geometry may not employ.
The open end of an angle is infinite, but so too is its convergent end, in that the two actions cannot pass either instantaneously or simultaneously through the same point.
Tests Studies series for competition entry. Inés J Pedras
Work in progress

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