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Computational Origami
The challenging here is pushing the limits between the correlation of Fashion to Architecture .This is posible, as they are made from a hight degree of Self-supporting properties, reconfigurability , and great degree of  freedom.  Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture where everything is posible. Unpredictable posibilites for design and for artístic or comfortability intentions.
Here, some examples of textiles, wich they are in further development in my everday wearables .routine.
Interpret Patterns as Generating Rules
Apply to arbitrary polyhedron
Generate from given polyhedron and optimize to satisfy
Non intersection
Fold angle limitation
Other geometric constraints 
Trial and Error
Fold 2D pattern and get some 3D form
Change patterns until you get something that you want
Origami Design
Get 2D pattern from desired 3D form
Ronald D. Resch US Patent 3407558
 1968 (Filed: 1966)
Self-Supporting Structural Unit Having a Series of Repetitious Geometrical Modules
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