Experience or nonexperience_Landscapes

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The shell was created with a sucession of diminishing organic segments  convexity & concavity  seams become a strong formal feature. Lines of energy converge with the pavilion, constantly redefining the quality of each space, while guiding movements. Synergetics with a completely unexpected and totally immersive lanscapes.
We experience events and no-events. Ergo, we invent novent. Novents characterize the finite but nonsensorial remote masses' interattraction, the gravitational continuum.
  Seeming "space" is the absence of energy events. The word space as a noun misleadingly implies properties that are altogether lacking.
"Humans have been included in this cosmic design as local Universe information-gatherers and local problem-solvers in support of the integrity of the eternal, 100-percent-efficient, self-regenerative system of Universe. In support of their cosmic functioning humans were given their minds with which to discover and employ the generalized laws governing all physical and metaphysical, omniinteraccommodative, ceaseless intertransformings of Universe." Bucky Fuller
insideness & outsideness  
convexity & concavity
Inés Pedras- April 2019

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