Passionate, focused and fiercely experimental.
Interested in material sensibility, philosophy and people.
One year of architectural experience in Japan.
In my future, I want to be able to work in a complex - geometrical environment that could pushes the current limits of my abilities and allows me to focus on architecture, art, ecology digital fabrication or fashion as one integral pro-cess. Wanting to develop more about pioneering advanced methods. This gave me confidence and the understan-ding of sustainable projects and I aspire to continue them with an innovative mindset in all of my future projects.
Artistic Approach
[Engineering & Architecture]
Revit 2018 + Dynamo 1.2 + Keyshot
Design · Photoshop. Illustrator. Rhino + Grasshopper 
AutoCAD. 3D Max + VRay.
[Video and animation]
After Effects
Programming ·  Python. 
Technologies · Processing. 

Research · Design Thinking. Wireframing. Visual Design. 
Prototyping. Model making. Interaction Design.

Native Spanish & Fluent English.
German & French & Japanese.(Basic)
Thank you.
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